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About St. Demetrius Press

At Saint Demetrius Press we aspire to offer Orthodox Christian items for devotion and learning.

Our connection to Saint Demetrius has sometimes been overt, sometimes comical and at other times providential and mystical. Topping the category of “providential and mystical” is the close coinciding of  the passing of our dear friend and brother in Christ, Dwight “Demetrius” Keller with the idea to begin the ministry of Saint Demetrius Press (at that time unnamed!). This mystical “coincidence” is a primary reason we choose Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki as our patron and we consider Dwight/Demetrius, his namesake, to be a co-intercessor.

For the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Demetrius pray for us and this ministry!

About the Iconographer

Liturgical artist Nicholas Papas is a communicant at Saint Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church, Houston, TX.  With his wife Patricia he has a son and two daughters.  In recent years the family has expanded to include a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.  While studying painting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Nicholas simultaneously began to learn iconography from his priest, the late Reverend John Osacky (+ Job, Archbishop of the Midwest, O.C.A.).  After receiving his degree in 1981, he advanced his iconographic skills in Athens, Greece under the tutelage of Nicholas and Basil Lepoura.  Primarily, Nick has continued to hone his skills by working as a full-time iconographer.

For over thirty-three years Nicholas has been blessed with opportunities to paint for over 50 churches and over 120 homes throughout the United States.  It is his hope that God will use his work in a way that people will learn of the love of God.  To additionally aid in the understanding of that love Nick’s written thoughts have been published. They can be found in over 25 pieces in both “The Sounding: OCN Blog” and “The Word Magazine

     Connect with Nick at his studio Facebook page.